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Private Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform you as a visitor to our website of how we treat your data. We take our data responsibility seriously, and we make sure that the data processing is legal and transparent.

This data protection policy is written in accordance with the demands of the European Parliament and the council’s regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016. It concerns the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.


If you have any inquiries regarding our processing of personal data, or if you would like to exercise your rights to access or object to our data processing, you can contact the Project Leader: Rico Kongsager, Associate Professor (PhD), Emergency and Risk Management, University College Copenhagen, Email: rico [at], Phone: +45 51 63 28 78


The Danish Data Protection Agency can be reached at:
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby

Processing basis

Our processing basis is mainly based on the General Data Protection Regulation. Personal data is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act (Databeskyttelsesloven).

Use of data about you

CliCNord uses personal data (name, email, and affiliation) about you when you sign up for our newsletter or use the contact form. The CliCNord website also compiles anonymized or pseudonymized data for general statistics.

Collect and store data for specific purposes

CliCNord collects and stores data in order to manage your relationship with us, which we do according to the mentioned laws. You can always choose not to be contacted with these offers.

Pass on your information in the following situations

CliCNord will only pass on your personal data to a third party if obliged by law or in case of an investigation.


Which personal data do we treat and where do we get them from?

  • We collect and treat personal data about you, which we have received from you through the contact form or signing up for the newsletter. This information includes your name, email, and affiliation. We do not treat any information about you, that falls within the category of personal data (defined as such in the GDPR).

  • We will only process data about you that is relevant and adequate according to the purposes defined above. The purpose is key in defining which type of data about you we consider relevant.

  • We only collect, process, and store the personal data necessary to fulfill the purposes defined above. We do not collect data that are not necessary for the purpose.

  • We verify that the personal data we process about you is accurate. We make sure to update your personal data on an ongoing basis. We will also ask you to provide us with relevant changes to your data.

  • We delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purpose that was the reason for our collection, processing, and storage of your data unless there are regulatory purposes that require us to store data.

Protection of personal data

  • CliCNord ensures that personal data is stored securely and confidentially. We have information and security rules, that contains instructions and measures that protect your personal data from being lost, changed, or unknowingly passed on to strangers.

  • Personal data is stored in systems with limited access so that only the relevant employees of CliCNord have access to the personal data. Technical security measures in the form of two-factor validation, backup, logging, encryption, etc. have been implemented.

  • We make sure that security and access are constantly checked.

  • In the event of a security breach resulting in a high risk of compromising your data, we will notify you of the breach immediately.

  • We regularly assess our procedures and systems by analyzing and implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data.

Your rights

  • At any given time, you have the right to know what data we process about you, where they originate from and what we use them for. You also have the right to know for how long we keep your personal data and who receives data about you to the extent that we pass on data in Denmark and abroad.

  • You may exercise your rights by contacting us. Our contact information can be found at the top of this policy.


Inaccurate personal data can be rectified or deleted

  • If you believe that the personal data we process about you is inaccurate, you have the right to have the data rectified. You must contact us and inform us of the inaccuracies and how they can be corrected.

  • In some cases, we will be obliged to delete your personal data. This applies, for example, if you withdraw your consent. If you believe that your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it, you may request for it to be deleted. You may also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law or other legal obligations.

  • When you make a request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, we investigate whether the conditions are met, if so, we delete or change the text immediately.


You have the right to object to our processing of personal data

  • You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. You can use the contact information at the top to submit an objection. We then assess whether your objection is justified. If your objection is justified, we will cease processing your personal data.

  • You have the right to receive the personal data you have provided us. If you wish to access your data, or object to our data processing, we will investigate if it is possible and respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and no later than one month after we have received your inquiry.


You have the right to have your data

  • You have the right to access the personal data you have passed on to us and to be given it in a structured, commonly used, readable format (data portability).


Use of cookies

  • When you visit CliCNord’s website we collect information through the use of cookies and by registering information you share by signing up to events and newsletters.

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